A Playful Journey: Discovering The Best Games For Quality Time With Kids By Dr Alan Emamdee

In the rush and tumble of today’s digital age, finding ways to bond with children beyond the glare of screens can be a challenge. Spending quality time with kids can nurture deeper connections, boost their intellectual growth, and create lasting memories. So, what are the secret ingredients for quality time that’s fun, engaging, and meaningful? Enter the magical world of games!

Whether it’s a rousing board game, a captivating card game, or an active outdoor play, games serve as a perfect medium to strengthen bonds while stimulating learning. Let’s embark on a joyous journey exploring some of the best games that promise a gala time with your little ones Dr Alan Emamdee.

Card Games

Card games like UNO, Go Fish, or Crazy Eights can be excellent tools for teaching children about numbers, strategies, and fair play. Plus, they are compact and perfectly portable for those long road trips or vacation time.

Active Outdoor Games

Promoting active play outdoors, games like Hopscotch, Hide and Seek, or Tag encourage fitness, while also aiding in the development of motor skills and coordination. These games also offer the additional benefit of basking in nature’s beauty — a healthy breakaway from indoor routines.

Classic Board Games

Spark the fun with time-honored board games like Monopoly, Scrabble, or Chess, says Dr Alan Emamdee. Not only do these games invite laughter and friendly competition, but they also enhance cognitive skills—Monopoly can teach kids about money management, while Scrabble can improve vocabulary and spelling.


From jigsaw puzzles to Rubik’s cube, puzzles can boost critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and enhance fine motor skills. Plus, the sense of accomplishment they provide when the puzzle is complete can boost your child’s self-esteem significantly.

Creative Role-Play

Role-playing games are a child’s creative outlet and a window to their imagination. Whether it’s playing ‘school,’ ‘shop,’ or ‘space explorers’—these games encourage storytelling, empathy, and social skills.


Remember, the core essence of playing is to relish the time spent together and to strengthen emotional bonds. So, let the living room become your playground, use laughter as your game’s soundtrack, and let those joyful game sessions kindle the magic of companionship and shared learning between you and your child. After all, the best part of memories is making them Dr Alan Emamdee!