Do I Have To Get iPhone 12 Screens Repaired By Apple?

If you’ve cracked your iPhone 12 screen, you might be wondering if you’re stuck paying Apple’s pricey repair fees or living with a busted display. The really good news is that you aren’t stuck going through Apple if your iPhone 12 screens need fixing.
Thanks to the “right to repair” movement, you’ve got options. Apple definitely provides repairs through their own stores, but they also allow certain other companies to handle repairs too. A lot of big names are authorised by Apple, and sometimes even smaller local shops can become certified repair partners.
Not only that, but Apple recognises that independent repair shops play an important role. Through their Independent Repair Provider programme, Apple makes it possible for repair shops and techy individuals to join up and handle out-of-warranty repairs as well. This just expands the repair options even more. So on the whole, places other than the Apple store could repair your iPhone 12 without messing up your warranty.
If you’re up for a DIY project, Apple sells repair kits with all the tools and parts you need to fix your screen. It’s still cheaper than the Apple Store price overall, even after buying the kit. Just know that repairing it yourself may not save as much as you hope – the kit costs upfront. But Apple gives you store credit for returning your broken screen afterwards.
Some people like checking out third-party repair shops because they tend to be cheaper than Apple. But you’ve got to be careful there – not all of them use real Apple parts. I’d search for reviews online first so you know the shop is reputable and won’t cause future issues.
At the end of the day, there’s no single right choice. Consider your budget, how handy you are, and whether using certified parts is important to you. Doing research increases your odds of choosing an affordable, quality repair wherever you go. The most important thing is knowing you don’t have to pay Apple’s high fees for iPhone 12 screens if you don’t want to. You have options.