Jared Kamrass: Catalyzing Startups through Political Consultancy

Jared Kamrass is a distinguished political consultant who has been making significant strides in the realm of politics since 2007. With a distinctive focus on startups and progressive endeavors, Kamrass has emerged as a sought-after strategist, offering pivotal support to Democratic candidates and organizations alike.

A Journey Shaped by Democratic Dedication

Jared Kamrass’s journey in the political arena commenced with a resolute commitment to Democratic advocacy. As a Senior Advisor to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), his strategic insights and guidance played an instrumental role in shaping the party’s approach to diverse campaigns.

Moreover, Kamrass has extended direct support to progressive Members of Congress and candidates for public office. His expertise has garnered recognition from key party leaders in Washington D.C., where he adeptly represented the interests and requisites of Silicon Valley clients within the political landscape.

A Versatile Democratic Digital and Data Strategist

In his capacity as a Democratic digital and data strategist, Jared Kamrass occupies a pivotal role as the Director of Analytics at Revolution Messaging. His adeptness in harnessing the potential of digital technologies and data-driven strategies has proven to be a linchpin in propelling the triumph of various campaigns.

Kamrass’s strategic prowess finds manifestation in his role as the Chief Digital and Technology Strategist for the House Majority PAC. Here, he played a pivotal part in conceiving comprehensive digital strategies to amplify the visibility and influence of Democratic candidates.

Furthermore, his purview encompasses the Democratic National Committee (DNC), where he held the mantle of Deputy National Field Director on two occasions. This role equipped him to contribute to the formulation and execution of field strategies, thereby galvanizing grassroots endeavors in support of Democratic initiatives.

A Stellar Academic Foundation

Jared Kamrass’s expertise is fortified by a robust academic foundation. Holding a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Strategic Communication from the esteemed University of Cincinnati and The Ohio State University, Kamrass’s academic odyssey spanned diverse courses, encompassing campaign strategy, public relations, national politics, international relations, and advertising.

Architect of Rivertown Strategies: A National Consultancy

In 2010, while serving as a marketing communications consultant in Washington, D.C., Jared Kamrass envisioned the inception of Rivertown Strategies. This all-encompassing digital marketing agency specializes in constructing communication and messaging strategies, as well as formulating exhaustive campaign blueprints.

As the founder and president of Rivertown Strategies, Kamrass has nurtured a nationally-recognized consultancy. He forges close collaborations with clients, providing expert counsel to contrive communication and messaging strategies for ballot initiatives and candidate campaigns. His consultancy serves as a catalyst, empowering clients to realize their political and advocacy aspirations with precision and impact.

In Summation

Jared Kamrass trajectory as a political consultant and strategist is characterized by an unwavering commitment to Democratic causes, a profound grasp of digital and data-driven strategies, and a stellar academic background. His prowess has indelibly shaped the contours of political campaigns and advocacy undertakings, imprinting a distinctive mark on progressive endeavors. As the helmsman of Rivertown Strategies, Kamrass continues to pave the path for startups and Democratic candidates, fostering their ascendancy in the dynamic realm of politics.